Thursday, April 22, 2010

THING 23! and final thoughts

I started this reluctantly, and slowly, but I learned a lot about things I had only heard of and some that were completly unknown to me. I feel like so late-20th century and hope to enter the 21st in the future.
The photo and image sites were some of my favorites. Those things are fun to play around with. The process of fumbling though some of these, delicious for example, has made me want to become more comfortable with the new technologies. One worries about being a little behind the times now, never catching up, and being totally left behind. If nothing else this will help me know what people are talking about.
It would be nice if all the links still worked for the 23 Things. I would also suggest fewer things--ten seems more managable. Pick the ten most up and coming and lay out the pathways through them. If we did ten, or even five, a year, we librarians would be more on top of things. I did appreciate the step-by-step guidance 23 Things provided. I would do it again.

Overdrive/ Gutenburg/ Thing #22
I looked at the Overdrive site and watched their intro. Fairly user friendly.
I am already a user, and in awe, of Project Gutenberg which has 100,000 plus titles digitized. It has the actual pages and illustrations. I use it for story esearches every now and again.
I created an account in Netlibrary, quite easy. I was a bit diapointed in the selection in our own catalog, I tried six, non-obscure, fairly new titles with no success.

Podcasts and Thing #21

I found the above Syd Leiberman podcast through the Podcast agregator Mevio.
A wealth of stories out there. Syd has put his entire audio library up for anyone to listen to free. He is a treasure that anyone can do a little digging and find.

Web 2.0 and Thing #19

This is Web 2.0 winner it's a site that plays, in real time, BBC radio. I feel like I'm there, traffic reports, weather, and music. Unfortunately, BBC TV is not available over here, at least through this site. There is also has a huge library of stored shows to explore another time.

Technology related Thing # 7: DVD vrs. web

In the fall I was on a friend's cable televisions show talking about storytelling and, ironically, the Summer Reading we are now not having. I eventually got a copy of the show in DVD from the director. (and they charged me $40 for it) Now my friend, Ellouise Schoettler, has learned how to post video content on her blog and has kindly put mine up.
Instead of trying to duplicate the DVD, I can send that exact blog address to friends, family, and practically everyone I know at the click of the mouse. Neat.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mashups & Maps--Thing #6

Going back to try mashups again.
The Map Builder is insiting my street is in Hobart, NZ. Odd, as I actually have a friend in Hobart.
Tried again on my real house in Wayfarere
While not easy to use, it is a bit more intuitive. Both of these sites probably have instructions somewhere--but well-hidden.

Google Docs/Online Productivity tools Thing # 18

Online Productivity Tools--Google Docs. Attemped to load a file , it finally worked
I can see this site being useful for going between computers. I often need something at work I have at home and now use a web based email as a conduit. This would be better.

Zoho does not seem to working well--kicks me out, but the intro makes it sound useful as well